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CJCJ’s Sentencing Service Program releases the 200809 Juvenile Placement Manual

The Sentencing Service Program first released its Juvenile Placement Manual in 2002 to assist individuals in the important task of determining an appropriate placement for juvenile offenders. The manual proved itself to be a valuable tool for defense counsel, prosecutors and probation as it contained information about juvenile placement options throughout California and the nation. After five years of successfully circulating the manual, CJCJ recognized a need to update information and include additional resources.

The revised manual contains information on over 200 alternative placement options for juvenile offenders. Every placement listing describes services offered, rate classification level, gender, number of beds and contact information. The manual is divided into Northern and Southern California placement options, and includes a special index on placements specializing in the treatment of juvenile sex offenders.

CJCJ is pleased to offer its Juvenile Placement Manual at $20 per copy. For more information about the release of this manual, please refer to the page or review the . Contact ssp@​cjcj.​org for further information.