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San Francisco, CA: Today CJCJ is launching its new and improved interface for the California Sentencing Institute (CASI). The new map features interactive filters, county comparisons, geographic visualizations, and fully downloadable datasets. 

Please explore CASI at http://​casi​.cjcj​.org/.

In 2009, CJCJ launched the California Sentencing Institute (CASI) as the foundation for data and research driven commentary on the broader public safety dialogue. The interactive map reveals detailed crime and incarceration trends for California’s 58 counties. 

In the face of some of the most sweeping reforms in California, including AB 109 adult realignment and continued juvenile justice realignment, these data are even more crucial to understanding the justice system and improving public safety. 

CJCJ designed CASI to be used by county agencies, practitioners, criminal justice stakeholders, researchers, and the general public to provide comprehensive analysis of sentencing policies and practices across the state. 

If you would like more information about CASI, please contact the Communications Department at (415) 6215661 x. 123 or by email at cjcjmedia@​cjcj.​org.