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The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) has relocated its main office as of Wednesday March 212012.

Our new address is: 40 Boardman Place, San Francisco, CA 94103. Please note, CJCJ’s phone number (415) 6215661 is now operational! To reach our Directors please refer to these NEW extensions:

Executive Director Daniel Macallairx. 111

Associate Director Abu Qadir Al-Amin x. 125

Deputy Director Dinky Manek Entyx. 120

Development Director and Program Director Catherine McCrackenx. 124

Program Director Gerald Millerx. 117

Director of Juvenile Justice Services Kimo Uilax. 101

To reach a specific program please utilize these extensions: 

~ Cameo House and the Supportive Living Program x. 125

~ Children’s Waiting Rooms x. 120

~ Communications and Policy x. 123

~ Juvenile Justice Servicesx. 101

(inc. Community Options for Youth, Detention Diversion Advocacy Program, Juvenile Collaborative Reentry Team, Legal Education Advocacy Program, Placement Diversion Reentry Program, Probation Enrichment Program, and Wraparound program) 

~ Adult Direct Servicesx. 117

(inc. Homeless Employment Collaborative, No Violence Alliance, and the San Francisco Training Partnership) 

~ Sentencing Service Program x. 124

CJCJ’s fax number is (415) 6215466.

Thank you very much for your patience and support through the relocation process!