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The latest publication in CJCJ’s Juvenile Justice Realignment Series analyses direct adult criminal court filings across California’s 58 counties since the passage of Proposition 21 (2000). Direct filing allows prosecutors to unilaterally transfer youth to adult court, thereby circumventing juvenile court jurisdiction.* 

Read the full report at $1What_has_been_the_effect_of_Prop_21.pdf$4

Find out what others are saying about it in our attached press release, including statements by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D‑San Francisco), and the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) legislative advocate, Ignacio Hernandez. 

Co-author Selena Teji, gives her opinion in this Juvenile Justice Information Exchange op-ed, the 58 cooks in California’s juvenile justice kitchen: http://​bit​.ly/​o​ikQ4V

*After the release of this publication, Ventura County’s Probation Agency acknowledged providing incorrect statistics to the State of California for 2003. We will be revising this publication’s tables, discussion, and findings as soon as the corrected data becomes available.

Please see the attached additional press release update below for further details.