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Save the Date: November 17, 2011. CJCJ Executive Director Daniel Macallair will be speaking at California’s Prisons: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, hosted by Capitol Weekly and the University of California. The full-day conference will feature four panel discussions centered on the challenges of California’s penal system and correctional issues. 

Other speakers include: Don Novey, former head of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association; Jim Gomez, former state prisons director and now head of the California Association of Health Facilities; Craig Brown, former director of the state Finance Department and former head of the California Youth Authority; Jeanne Woodford, former warden of San Quentin Prison and former state prisons director; Theresa Hughes, president and founder of Wings for Life; Vanessa Nelson, co-director of the Life Support Alliance, a parole advocacy group; Charles Pattillo, executive director of the California Prison Industry Authority; David Warren, a long-time advocate for inmate rights in the Capitol and CDCR; and UC Davis’ Sasha Abramsky, author of American Furies: Crime, Punishment and Vengeance in the Age of Mass Imprisonment.”

The Conference will take place at the Crest Theatre, 10th and K Streets, Sacramento, CA 95814. For more information see: http://​prn​.to/​o​KPZe2

Addendum: To view the panel on reforms and access videos of the entire conference, please visit: http://​www​.calchan​nel​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​v​i​e​w​v​i​d​e​o​/3158