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Detention of non-criminal individuals has impact on post-Realignment California

San Francisco, CA: CJCJ released a new report today titled The Effect of Immigration Detainers in a Post-Realignment California”, which examines the large number of suspected undocumented immigrants, without a documented criminal history, who are detained in California’s local jails on non-mandatory holds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) purposes. The report finds: 

  • Between July 1, 2010 and December 31, 2012 there were 71,781 ICE holds for potentially undocumented immigrants who had no documented criminal history, even for minor offenses including traffic violates and lesser marijuana charges. These ICE holds equated to approximately 143,562 bed-days in local California jails.
  • There were 29,703 ICE holds, for a total 59,406 facility bed-days, in the 15-month period following Realignment when local law enforcement demonstrated a need for more jail beds to accommodate their realigned population.
  • These ICE holds in the 15-month period following Realignment were enforced at an estimated cost of $6.8 million, although this does not include other potential costs, including longer rates of detention. The total cost for the 30-month period was $16.3 million.
  • ICE holds dropped from 42,078, prior to Realignment, to 29,703 in the 15-month period after Realignment began. The total facility bed-days decreased from 84,156, before Realignment, to 59,406 in the subsequent period.

Some California counties continue to struggle with jail capacity issues related to Public Safety Realignment (AB 109), implemented in October 2011. On August 2, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Governor Jerry Brown’s attempt to delay reducing the state prison system by approximately 10,000 individuals. The state must work swiftly to preserve resources for more crucial priorities.

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UPDATE: August 13, 2013: CJCJ has produced a data clarification for the convenience of readers listing known data limitations and characteristics in the data set used for this report. Download the data clarification »