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The Next Generation Fellowship (NGF) is a two-day leadership development and policy advocacy training for formerly incarcerated or justice-involved individuals from across California. This fellowship will support emerging leaders in understanding how to 1) advance racial justice, cultural healing, and policy advocacy, and 2) influence state and local government. The fellowship will focus on the movement to end mass incarceration and re-invest in healthy, safe communities.

Fellows will draw from their personal and professional experiences to devise strategies for driving transformative justice system change. Over the two-day fellowship, participants will take part in activities intended to foster effective storytelling and strategic advocacy. After completing the program, fellows will recognize their lived experience as a form of expertise that can influence policy-making and strengthen advocacy strategies for justice reform and reinvestment in communities.

Juan Gomez, MILPA's Director of Programs and Innovation, speaks at UC Berkeley.

This training was designed to meet the diverse needs of formerly incarcerated and justice-involved leaders. CJCJ and MILPA are focused on creating a leadership pathway that prioritizes racial equity, building people power, and ending the practices that undervalue human potential and result in mass incarceration. The fellowship environment will be a safe space conducive to the exchange of knowledge, healing, and connection building across all binaries and implicit biases.

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