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The CJCJ-MILPA partnership

CJCJ and MILPA first partnered in 2013 to support local community alternatives to incarceration in Monterey County. At the time, Monterey had received $80 million for a new jail and $35 million for an expanded juvenile hall. CJCJ supported MILPA in its initial youth justice reform efforts, given widespread concerns about overreliance incarceration. Together we implemented data-driven research and community correctional expertise. Ultimately, the campaign succeeded in reducing the size of Monterey’s juvenile hall.

Since then, our organizations have formed a lasting partnership that focuses on state and local policies to improve public safety and build strong, healthy communities. This includes the implementation of Proposition 47 and engaging with California’s Board of State and Community Corrections — one of the state’s most powerful criminal justice agencies. Both organizations are committed to developing the next generation of justice leaders and ensuring that communities most impacted by the criminal justice system are leading the way to a safe and healthy California.

MILPA (Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement)

MILPA is first and foremost a movement space designed for, and led by formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals. We are committed to building next generation infrastructure and leadership within communities, organizations, and systems. We center cultural healing, racial equity, and LOVE in our practices and advocacy. 


Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

CJCJ is a nonprofit nonpartisan organization whose mission is to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. CJCJ pursues this mission through direct services, technical assistance, and policy analysis. These work in unison to promote a balanced and humane justice system.