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Reentry barriers: employment and the technology divide
How do you prepare for work in an office environment if you've never used a computer? Many Bay Area residents struggle to find employment a fter decades of incarceration.
Four Reasons Californians Need Fair Drug Sentencing Reform
This year, Governor Jerry Brown can take a bold step to reform drug sentencing for individuals who posses small quantities of a controlled substance for personal use. Senate Bill 649 , authored by…
CJCJ pays tribute to the history of its new mentoring program
CJCJ's newest direct service program, the Youth Justice Mentoring Program, has a long history in San Francisco. CJCJ pays tribute to that legacy by carrying on these essential services.
Congregate Care Facilities are a Thing of the Past
Photographer Richard Ross documents youth correctional facilities across the nation. This blogs explores why these facilities are an outdated approach to juvenile justice.
California Poised to Adopt Necessary Criminal and Juvenile Justice Reforms
Both the legislature and Governor Brown are currently reviewing a wide range of juvenile and criminal justice policies that will have a long-term impact on the state. Here's a breakdown of key bills.
Easing California’s Prison Crisis via Private Prisons is a Bad Idea
Private prisons are not the answer to California's prison overcrowding crisis.
Is there an end in sight to the War on Drugs?
As so many drug-related reforms move forward, there is still a need for a comprehensive examination of how drug policy is implemented locally.
Some Promising Programs for Girls in Trouble
In my previous blog I noted that successful programs for girls in the juvenile justice system were rare. In this blog I will highlight a few examples of recently developed programs that show great…
California’s Sentencing Quagmire: Is a Commission the Solution?
A statewide Sentencing Commission could initiate much needed sentencing reform and end the prison crisis in the long-term.
CJCJ opposes governor's $315 million prison fix
Expensive short-term custodial solutions will not solve California's prison crisis and does not serve public safety interests.
Four ways to better manage jail bed space
Under Realignment some counties , in which the local justice systems rely heavily on incarceration, are putting extra pressure on their sheriffs to manage their burgeoning jail populations safely. A…
Programs for Girls in Juvenile Justice
Despite years of research showing that girls require a special kind of programming, here remains a lack of innovative, effective programs for girls in trouble.
Guns, a Reign of Terror, Part II
This is a continuation of my previous blog on a book by Tom Diaz called "The Last Gun."
The Unnecessary Detention of Undocumented Youth
The intersection of the immigration and juvenile justice systems hampers reform efforts and denies appropriate treatment to undocumented youth.
Guns: a Reign of Terror
In his latest book, Tom Diaz , a former gun enthusiast and an ex-member of the National Rifle Association, the first chapter is appropriately called “A Reign of Terror.” How true this…
Why the Gigantic, Decades-Long Drop in Black Youth Crime Threatens Major Interests
How can such an encouraging development as a massive drop in youth crime be treated as such bad news that no one will even talk about it? It's worse than that: politicians, crime lobbies, and the…
Mr. President (and Bill O’Reilly): How Did Trayvon Martin “Mess Up”?
Statistical bigotry is just bigotry. Though selectively applied to create fear toward young black men, it can be used to stigmatize any group in society, as illustrated here.
Cynthia Brown assumes leadership role at Ventura, but for how long?
Another change in management at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility casts doubt on reform success.
The Impact of Non-Criminal Immigrant Detentions in California
According to a new CJCJ report, California’s counties have spent significant resources and jail capacity, often at their own expense, to detain suspected undocumented immigrants who do not have…
Exclusion from the ACA heightens punishments for undocumented immigrants
While the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an exciting step in our society’s health care reform, its exclusion of undocumented immigrants will only further highlight the…
SF Commission Explores What Works: Examining a Collaborative Diversion Program
Local model practices exist throughout the nation and there is substantial empirical research available to interested parties who seek to re-think their approach to juvenile and criminal justice.…
“Orange is the New Black” Offers Unique Perspective on Prison System
A new original series, Orange is the New Black, has received attention because the show provides a powerful look at our criminal justice system and life in prison. Hopefully this can facilitate a…
San Francisco’s reentry pod prepares people for successful release
San Francisco's unique reentry pod in Jail #2 serves men returning from state prison, prior to and during their release into the community.
The Color-Line in American Criminal Justice
W.E.B. Du Bois famously declared in his 1903 work, On the Souls of Black Folk , “for the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color-line”. Issues of race remain highly…
Little Hoover Commission recommends use of risk/needs assessment in jails
Realignment has elevated concern regarding the intersection of the bail industry and California’s un-sentenced jail population. Many advocates have expressed concern that a significant number…

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