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Providing hope and kindness to our children this winter
CJCJ is very fortunate to work with extraordinary organizations that are committed to providing comfort and compassion to society’s most vulnerable members. Meet the Family Giving Tree.
California to Decide on $500 Million Jail Construction
On December 4-5, 2013, representatives from 36 counties came to Sacramento and made their case to receive jail construction funding available through Assembly Bill (AB) 1022 . With this legislation,…
Standing while black
Some have claimed the “end of racism” in this country. The most recent claim comes from the Republican Party.
Legalizing Marijuana in California: Considerations for youth and beyond
California’s next step in drug policy reform needs to be towards nondiscriminatory legalization of medical and recreational marijuana with funding mechanisms to prevent drug abuse. Design…
Another Round of "Knockout Game" Idiocy
Many reporters and experts seem sadistically bent on creating fear in an aging population by manufacturing endless teen-violence panics
What’s the deal with data?
In a post-Realignment California, criminal and juvenile justice professionals and advocates require accessible data resources in order to develop state and local policies. Everyone agrees reliable…
Big Government Must Embrace Big Data
California is the tech center of the world, filled with a richness of technical expertise and innovation. The state now needs political leadership to develop policy that leverages these elements to…
Sealing Juvenile Records: A Good First Step to Successful Reentry
Even for adults who are on track for successful reentry, a juvenile adjudication can still create many barriers to success. Sealing a juvenile record is one remedy that could provide valuable relief…
The Storm Has Arrived: Veterans in the Criminal Justice System
November 11th has been set aside to honor those who have served their country in the various branches of the military rarely a population that is recognized is the veterans sitting in jails and…
Profit Over Kids: Part III
This is the final blog of a three part series examining for profit youth facilities.
Profit Over Kids: Part II
This is the second installment of a blog series examining private for profit youth prisons.
A Salute to the Supportive Living Program
After 22 years of guiding men to and through their roads of recovery, CJCJ's Supportive Living Program (SLP) is closing its doors today. We are saddened by its passing but take pride in its…
Profits Over Kids, Part I
In this three-part series Senior Research Fellow Randall Shelden examines for-profit youth prisons.
A day in the life of Patsy Jackson a NoVA Case Manager
Patsy Jackson has been a case manager with NoVA for two years. Patsy helps her clients succeed by minimizing barriers to reentry and facilitating reintegration in their families and communities.
Immigration consequences of criminal convictions
There are many collateral consequences to criminal convictions in California, such as barriers to employment, housing, and social services. An additional concern that criminal defense attorneys…
Partnership for a Drug-Wrecked America
The Partnership has been an instrumental lobby spending billions of dollars on decades of misdirected, billion-dollar "drug free" ad campaigns that are really designed to protect powerful legal-drug…
Safety first: protecting clients in an emergency
CJCJ staff attend the San Francisco Fire Department's Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training to learn how to keep themselves, their families, and their clients safe in an emergency.
Pre-booking Diversion To Help Address Health Needs
How do you divert justice-involved individuals into specialized programs that address the root causes of their criminal activity?
Justice-Involved Californians Deserve a Second Chance at Success
Applying for a job is tough, particularly in this challenging economic climate. For those Californians with a criminal history, the obstacles for getting employment often appear insurmountable.
The Face of Poverty in California
Poor people do not shoulder the burden alone; we all share the cost, whether we acknowledge it or not. Given this impact, what is the face of poverty in California?
A Modest Proposal for an Oakland Curfew
A youth curfew has not only proven ineffective, it targets a group that commits less than 7% of Oakland's crime. Why not a curfew that targets the demographic responsible for 80% of the city's crime?
Contribute to a safe and healthy home today!
Help us provide a vital safety net for homeless mothers at Cameo House.
Reentry barriers: employment and the technology divide
How do you prepare for work in an office environment if you've never used a computer? Many Bay Area residents struggle to find employment a fter decades of incarceration.
Four Reasons Californians Need Fair Drug Sentencing Reform
This year, Governor Jerry Brown can take a bold step to reform drug sentencing for individuals who posses small quantities of a controlled substance for personal use. Senate Bill 649 , authored by…
CJCJ pays tribute to the history of its new mentoring program
CJCJ's newest direct service program, the Youth Justice Mentoring Program, has a long history in San Francisco. CJCJ pays tribute to that legacy by carrying on these essential services.

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