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Informed Policymaking Begins with Data Collection
Recently proposed legislation would expand the California Department of Justice’s data collection apparatus and propel justice system reform.
California Must Prioritize In-Person Visits
California’s county jails are exacerbating the collateral consequences of incarceration by adopting "video visitation" instead of allowing family members and children to visit in person.
Should Young People Be Banished from Public?
It’s for their own protection, leaders say, claiming “studies” show youth-control laws “prevent crime” and “save lives.” But do they? A critique of recent…
Young Adult Prisons Are Not the Answer
A proposal by the California Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation defies best practices and fails to heed the lessons of history.
Senate subcommittee votes to improve Prop. 47 funding process
The state legislature hears concerns about the unequal representation of communities most impacted by criminal justice policy.
The Dark Side of “Brain Science”: Manufacturing Teenage Crime
Governor Brown should veto the “smoking age” bill. Like other useless “status offenses,” it will contribute to thousands more arrests and higher unemployment among young…
California Must Reform Its Gang Sentencing Laws
Sentencing enhancements intended to deter gang activity are overly punitive, conflict with the juvenile justice system’s mission, and have a disproportionate impact on young people of color.
$250 Million Proposed for Jail Construction Raises Questions from the Legislature
The California Assembly Committee questions the need for an additional $250 Million in local adult facility construction funding.
Spotlight on New Juvenile and Criminal Justice Legislation
Newly proposed legislation would preserve access to in-person visitation, strengthen juvenile data collection, and involve law enforcement officers in diversion.
Farrell’s End Gives True Juvenile Justice Reform a Chance
After the 2002 lawsuit against DJJ was dismissed on February 25, 2016, CJCJ urges youth California to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.
Let Them Eat Lead
The refrain of "black lives matter" has been ignored by most of the country’s leadership, but now particularly in Flint, Michigan, where the water crisis has made it very apparent that the…
California Needs Data-driven Juvenile Justice
Data can tell a story. The absence of data and thoughtful analysis can do the same, by illustrating that the state is not adequately prioritizing juvenile justice.
Governor Brown Proposes Additional $250 Million in Adult Facility Construction Funding
Governor Brown’s 2016-2017 budget proposal increases state spending on local criminal justice facilities, while limiting competition for funds.
Proposition 47 Savings: Reinvest in California’s Communities
The BSCC will be hosting four community meetings in southern California, providing an opportunity for advocates to voice their opinions about how Proposition 47 funding should be used.
Another Dimension to “Black Lives Matter”
When it comes to police shooting unarmed suspects, white lives and older lives appear to matter more than Black, Latino, and young lives.
2016-17 budget continues California's dependency on incarceration
$250 million for adult facility construction funding and increased funding to DJJ, but only $29.3 million in Prop. 47 savings?
Ignoring Poverty In Plain Sight
Recently Mike Males reported what has been obvious for more than a century: class and race predict just about everything related to crime. Poverty in particular is of critical importance.
End Mass Incarceration. Stop Prosecuting Youth as Adults.
Youth tried as adults generally experience worse outcomes and higher rates of incarceration than their juvenile court counterparts.By ending the transfer of young people to adult court and harnessing…
New Centers for Disease Control report shows U.S. officials still won’t address gun violence
Political leaders prefer relying on remedial programs rather than confronting widespread poverty and inequality.
The Gift of a Second Chance #GivingTuesday
By participating in #GivingTuesday, your tax-deductible donation will support the unique services CJCJ provides, and give hope to those who have been affected by California's juvenile and criminal…
Misdirected Juvenile Justice Consensus Creates Backwards Policy
The historic plunge in juvenile crime threatens key interests. The paradoxical response: revival of the obsolete myth that adolescents are innate criminals.
November BSCC meeting kick starts big projects
Last week, the Board of State and Community Corrections approved $500 million in county facility construction funding and appointed chairs for its Proposition 47 subcommittee.
New Reform: Same as the Old Reform
Two lessons from CJCJ Executive Director Dan Macallair’s new history of California juvenile justice: (1) Beware of the status quo; (2) Beware of “reform.”
California Improves Juvenile Record Sealing Process
CJCJ updates Seal It to reflect improvements made by new legislation
The Business of Guns
Even after all the mass shootings in the U.S, few are talking about two important issues: American gun culture and the business of guns. Gun deathse are expected to surpass vehicale deaths in 2015,…

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