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CJCJ in the news: Rising crime in Long Beach stoking anxieties among police, politicians
Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) asks to CJCJ's Mike Males to comment on whether or not Proposition 47 has effected crime in Long Beach.
CJCJ in the news: Others States Can Learn from Changes to Juvenile Justice in California
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) publishes an op-ed by CJCJ executive director, Daniel Macallair, on the success of California systemic changes to its juvenile justice system.
CJCJ in the news: Department of Juvenile Justice: Empower or end?
The Daily Journal's L.J. Williamson tackles the question of closing California's state youth correctional facilities, and quotes CJCJ's Daniel Macallair on why local facilities are the superior…
CJCJ in the news: Mike Males on the ineffectiveness of youth curfews
After a mother in Saskatoon called for the imposition of a 10 pm curfew on youth, CBC Saskatoon interviewed CJCJ's Mike Males on the failure of youth curfews to curb crime or deter gang activity.
January Newsletter: Proposed Ballot Initiative to Repeal Direct File
CJCJ offers a new free resource for youth, KQED's Forum interviews CJCJ Executive Director Daniel Macallair , and Governor Brown announces new ballot initiative to repeal direct file.

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