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Where do black teenagers and white middle-agers get busted for drugs at equal rates?
In Los Angeles, huge declines in drug arrests of black teenagers and skyrocketing arrests of white middle-agers have led to an unimaginable new racial equality.
CJCJ in the news: After California decriminalized marijuana, teen arrest, overdose and dropout rates fell
The Washington Post's Wonkblog highlights CJCJ's recent report on the impact of marijuana reforms.
New CJCJ report: Prop 47 could save counties millions, reduce jail populations
A new CJCJ brief estimates the potential county-level savings and jail population reductions that could result from implementing Proposition 47, which would reclassify low-level drug and property…
Scapegoating Means Scapegoating
Anti-rape campaigns from the White House to Sacramento blame students for a society-wide problem and ignore crucial lessons from young people’s promising trends.

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