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Published alongside our report California Law Enforcement Agencies Are Spending More But Solving Fewer Crimes on our website is an interactive tool that one can use to view data in their own county or city, while also comparing it to the state average. We have been pleased to find that media outlets and partners throughout the state have used this tool to uplift local concerns. This tool has also been used to highlight the serious questions being posed in this report surrounding public safety dollars, and the most effective ways to spend monies intended for that purpose. Please see below for a few pieces of coverage from our report. If you have any questions, or for media inquiries, please contact us at cjcjmedia@​cjcj.​org

…over the last 30 years, the number of reported crimes to police has plunged about 50%, so it’s not like police are underperforming because they’re getting swamped in crime reports. Yet, in San Francisco and Alameda County, home to some of the state’s loudest calls for more cops and more police funding, police clearance rates are abysmal.” 

Justin Phllips – San Francisco Chronicle

Regional Media Coverage

In Berkeley, per-capita spending hovered above the state average most years, from a low of $582 in 2004 to a high of $709 in 2020, compared with state averages of $545 and $669 the same years, according to the report.

The Berkeley Police Department’s clearance rate for violent offenses oscillated up and down, but also remained below the state average. Berkeley’s rate of property crimes remained well above the state average, and for several years BPD’s clearance rate on them was below the state average. In 2022, though, a combination of declining state clearance rates and improving rates in Berkeley meant the city reversed that trend.” 

Alex N. Gecan – Berkeleyside

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We will continue to post coverage of our reports on this page. We also welcome conversations around this report and law enforcement clearance rates in California. Please reach out to us with any questions at cjcjmedia@​cjcj.​org