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Resentencing plans and reentry support for system-involved individuals.

CJCJ’s Resentencing Reentry Support Program delivers individualized resentencing plans and reentry case management services to system-involved individuals. 

How it works

Reentry support shall be individually tailored and link system-involved persons to supportive services that have the most significant impact on reentry success. These areas include, but are not limited to:

Physical and mental health support

Employment supportive services

Skill development and social network building

Housing supportive services


The selected community-based organization will ensure that the currently incarcerated individual receives notice of their referral, a comprehensive reentry plan, ongoing support upon reentry, as well as an opportunity to engage in a restorative justice process.


Since 1985 CJCJ has partnered with currently and formerly incarcerated individuals to provide reentry services, including those returning to the community from prison. We have achieved successful outcomes by working with their support networks, including family members, community-based organizations, and criminal justice agencies. 

The focus of this yearlong pilot program is to ensure that the District Attorney in each county has the resources needed to exercise their discretion for resentencing individuals in state prison under Penal Code 1170.03; and to evaluate a collaborative approach to exercising prosecutorial resentencing discretion. 

Gerald Miller, Director of Community-Based Services