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For real prison reform, look beyond the Non-Non-Nons
Last week, while defiantly declaring the end of California's prison crisis, Gov. Jerry Brown insisted further reductions in prison overcrowding "cannot be achieved without the early release of…
Prosecutorial consistency in process
One of the biggest challenges researchers face when analyzing the effectiveness of the justice system is visibility into the world of the District Attorney. While prosecutors are given broad…
Attorneys: resolution nearing in Santa Cruz stabbing case
Attorneys: resolution nearing in Santa Cruz stabbing case Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 11, 2013
Some on Death Row 'low risk' for parole
Some on Death Row 'low risk' for parole San Francisco Chronicle, January 13, 2013
Catching up with Peter Y. Sussman
Catching up with Peter Y. Sussman San Francisco Chronicle, January 1, 2013
Charging Youth as Adults: What's the Impact?
The juvenile justice system works best when it rehabilitates youthful offenders and gives them the life skills to succeed.  To solely emphasize punishment, neither serves the best interest of the…
Human Rights Day: A cause for reflection
December 10th marks the annual celebration of Human Rights Day , a special anniversary in the global fight for human rights.  On that day, in 1948, the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration…
Unnecessary incarceration: What are the consequences?
Have you ever been in a room of highly educated individuals discussing sentencing and bail reform in California?  I was just recently.  On Tuesday November 27, 2012 I attended the Little Hoover…
Reform cuts marijuana possession arrests 86% in 2011, upends California drug policing
Just-released 2011 arrest statistics from the state Criminal Justice Statistics Center show that pioneering legislation downgrading simple marijuana possession from a criminal offense into an…
Little Hoover Commission discusses need for sentencing reform
Today, the Little Hoover Commission (LHC) hosted a public hearing on bail and sentencing reform in the State Capitol.  LHC is an independent state oversight agency created in 1962 to investigate…
Mapping the landscape of California's juvenile justice population
California is a very diverse state, with 58 counties potentially acting as "laboratories" of policy innovation in the field of juvenile justice.  County and state-level practitioners, and policy…
County-by-county youth crime trends defy conventional theory
Yesterday, CJCJ launched its California juvenile justice interactive map , displaying a plethora of data regarding local youth arrest and confinement practices by county. This is particularly…
Washington's and Colorado's marijuana legalization schemes are no model for California
Though widely celebrated by progressive drug-policy reform groups, Colorado's Amendment 64 and Washington state's Initiative 502 approved by voters "to regulate marijuana like alcohol" represent…
Legalized pot and easing of 'three strikes' law mark unique election
The voters have spoken.  Not only did they re-elect Barack Obama but in two states -- Colorado and Washington  -- possession of small quantities of marijuana was legalized. A clear message to the…
Election Day: Criminal justice reform on the ballot
Election Day has arrived and California has 3 ballot initiatives that directly impact our state criminal justice system.  Prop 34: Support California voters reinstated the death penalty in 1978,…
Making Sense of California Youth Sentences
Making Sense of California Youth Sentences Youth Radio, October 18, 2012
Making Sense of California Youth Sentences
Making Sense of California Youth Sentences Huffington Post, October 19, 2012
Reform 'three strikes': Proposition 36 will improve an unfair, costly and ineffective law
Reform 'three strikes': Proposition 36 will improve an unfair, costly and ineffective law Chico News and Review, September 20, 2012
Juveniles in adult courts: Moving in the opposite direction
California is moving in the opposite direction of the rest of the nation when it comes to transferring juveniles into adult court systems.  California's practice of filing juvenile cases in adult…
After 18 Years of "Three Strikes," Are Californians Ready for a Change?
After 18 Years of "Three Strikes," Are Californians Ready for a Change? New American Media, September 3, 2012
Prop. 36 is a modest and necessary three-strikes reform
Proposition 36 is a balanced reform measure that promotes long-term public safety. The Proposition amends California's Three Strikes Law to: ~ Require that the 3rd strike be a violent or serious…
San Francisco leading the way to sentencing reform
In the face of historic opposition to a statewide sentencing commission, San Francisco County established a local sentencing commission January 2012 to address the county's sentencing policies and…
Governor Brown can end juvenile life without parole in California
Governor Brown has an historic opportunity sitting on his desk.  For the first time four years, legislation sponsored by Senator Leland Yee (San Francisco) to eliminate the practice known as Juvenile…
Media coverage focuses on sentencing disparities
Media outlets across the state are posing hard questions about county sentencing practices.  CJCJ's recently launched the California Sentencing Institute , an interactive map that highlights the…
"Life after Murder" by Nancy Mullane
"Life after Murder" follows five individuals serving life with the possibility of parole in California's San Quentin prison and upon their eventual release back into the Bay Area.  Inmates serving…

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