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Correctional Institutions

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CJCJ in the news: Little-known Agency Central to Criminal Justice Reform
CJCJ's Brian Goldstein comments on the importance of the BSCC — "arguably the most powerful corrections body in the state."
A New Approach for Juvenile Facilities in California
California's Board of State and Community Corrections makes critical decisions on the future of the state's justice-involved youth — and the public is beginning to pay attention.
San Francisco’s Sheriff implements Obamacare
Sheriff Mirkarimi discusses his plans to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in San Francisco.
California to Decide on $500 Million Jail Construction
On December 4-5, 2013, representatives from 36 counties came to Sacramento and made their case to receive jail construction funding available through Assembly Bill (AB) 1022 . With this legislation,…
CJCJ statement on LA jail indictments
Official statement by Executive Director Daniel Macallair on the Los Angeles County jail indictments.
Locked up and Shipped Away: Interstate Prisoner Transfers & the Private Prison Industry
A look at the dangers of relying on interstate transfer of prisoners to reduce overcrowding in state facilities, citing CJCJ's recent study on the topic.
Profit Over Kids: Part III
This is the final blog of a three part series examining for profit youth facilities.
Profit Over Kids: Part II
This is the second installment of a blog series examining private for profit youth prisons.
Profits Over Kids, Part I
In this three-part series Senior Research Fellow Randall Shelden examines for-profit youth prisons.
Easing California’s Prison Crisis via Private Prisons is a Bad Idea
Private prisons are not the answer to California's prison overcrowding crisis.
Cynthia Brown assumes leadership role at Ventura, but for how long?
Another change in management at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility casts doubt on reform success.
“Orange is the New Black” Offers Unique Perspective on Prison System
A new original series, Orange is the New Black, has received attention because the show provides a powerful look at our criminal justice system and life in prison. Hopefully this can facilitate a…
Brown Can Release Prisoners Early Without Compromising Public Safety
To meet the court’s mandate by the end of the year, Brown needs to begin releasing identified low-risk inmates now - a step both the federal and the U.S. Supreme Court agree "would be…
California's Division of Juvenile Facilities: Nine Years After Farrell
This publication reviews the progress DJF has made in implementing Court-ordered reforms, using qualitative and quantitative data from the court-appointed expert in safety and welfare, the Special…
The 4,054 human faces of San Quentin
on March 27, 2013, CJCJ revisited San Quentin State Prison to see what changes had occurred since the implementation of Realignment.
Institutional setting continues to hinder DJF staff reform efforts
Age-old practices have slowly begun to shift at California’s Division of Juvenile Facilities (DJF) as staff experiment with common-sense reforms, such as positive reinforcement, limiting use of…
DJF's reform efforts, sounding like a broken record
The purpose of the juvenilejustice system  is to rehabilitate youth, a concept California's Division of Juvenile Facilities (DJF) continues to struggle with. Progress in reform efforts through the…
Bread & Roses performs in SF jails with help from CJCJ staff
On Monday evening, December 10, 2012, the San Francisco Sheriff's Department and CJCJ are co-hosting Bread & Roses , an organization providing free performing arts shows to people who live in…
Federal health care reform and incarcerated populations
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) , the health reform law passed by the Obama administration and Congress in 2010, will have vast implications for the provision of health services…
San Mateo County faults three reports that question need for new jail
San Mateo County faults three reports that question need for new jail Daily News, October 4, 2012
CJCJ Newsletter - Pretrial strategies to reduce unnecessary incarceration safely
Pretrial resources and upcoming juvenile map release
Contra Costa community leaders halt new jail construction
Last week, religious leaders and community members from Contra Costa County convinced county Sheriff David Livingston to withdraw his proposal for constructing a new 150-bed jail.   Working in…
Transferring Inmates Out-Of-State Has Negative Consequences
Transferring Inmates Out-Of-State Has Negative Consequences California Progress Report, August 1, 2012
Collateral Consequences of Interstate Transfer of Prisoners
Collateral Consequences of Interstate Transfer of Prisoners
High cost, low return of longer prison terms
A new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that the length of time served in prison has increased nationally by 36% since 1990.   This has translated into an average of nine additional months…

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