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Articles include: The Disproportionality of Drug Laws, Abolishing Consensus Criminology, Public Attitudes of Sex Offense Registration, Visitation Policies in Juvenile Residential Facilities, and Focused Deterrence and Social Service Provision.

Articles on addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs); the importance of collaboration between police and mental health professionals; and assessing risk factors in justice-involved youth. 

Articles on attitudes towards Ban the Box; the multidimensional struggle of family separation on male migrant workers; the foster-care-to-prison pipeline; extending the school-to-prison pipeline; NIMBY syndrome among Colorado and Washington dispensary owners and managers; the effects of the death penalty on state-level murder rates.

Articles on the criminal justice system in Trinidad and Tobago; Detroit’s urban demolition effects on community safety; public perception of sex offender registration; predicting recidivism with ACEs; and juvenile curfew violations.