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212: A Modern History of Youth Bashing – With Mike Males
Author, sociologist and outspoken youth advocate Mike Males s hares his insights on the social, political and cultural problem of blaming, shaming and framing youth.
Boston Bombings
It has now been more than a week since the dramatic event that came at the end of the annual Boston Marathon. What concerns me the most is the media coverage and what many would call an overreaction…
Gangs taking to the suburbs, including Albemarle
Treating people who come from places where gangs proliferate as gang members themselves only perpetuates the cycle, Maccallair said.
Radio Smart Talk: School Safety
What Sandy Hook [-] did was shine a spotlight on school safety.
The rich get richer while everyone else struggles
A couple of interesting news stories appeared today in the Los Angeles Times. The first one is titled “Forbes' tally of billionaires jumps 16%; Buffett drops in list.” The second is…
Debtor's prisons alive and well
As I have written before jails have been largely reserved for the poor and at one time in history words like jails and poorhouses (along with workhouses and prisons) were used interchangeably.
Part IV: Trends in Girls' Crime
This is the last of my four part blog series on girls and juvenile justice. Part I provided an overview of the most recent information, Part II discussed the prevalence of histories of sexual abuse…
Part III: Trends in girls' crime
It was noted in part II of this series that girls who run away from home are often doing so because of sexual abuse at home. As reported in the New York Times an estimated 1.6 million juveniles…
Part II: Trends in girls' crime
As noted in Part I of this series , running away and sexual abuse are much more significant in the lives of girls than boys. Sexual abuse is particularly salient for girls and may well propel girls…
Part I: Trends in girls' crime
Meda Chesney-Lind and I are currently updating our book Girls, Delinquency and Juvenile Justice (to be published by Wiley-Blackwell at the end of this year) and in this blog I want to report some…
A look at Bill Bratton's crime rate track record
With the City of Oakland now bringing in a big name lawman to help fight crime -- we have a look at his track record.
Jon Stewart's thoughtless quip on young people and guns--It's just not funny
"How about we ... make guns less sexy so they won't be considered so cool by young people?" declared Jon Stewart, whose "Daily Show" semi-satiric news commentaries typically bring…
What about Men? A follow-up to Newtown Shootings
In my most recent blog I happen to mention in passing that most of these kinds of shootings are committed by men.  In a recent article by Meghan Murphy expanded on this often neglected fact. The…
Lead exposure and poverty: Have we gotten "youth violence" all wrong?
CJCJ authors have published several provocative studies documenting that teenagers and young adults are no more prone to risk-taking and crime than older adults once the fact 15-24 year-olds are…
Who's really murdering our children--and why won't we talk about it?
President Obama, in the wake of the massacre of 26 children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut's, Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, says "we are not doing enoug to protect our children ."…
American gun debate stifled by myth, dogma, and resistance to crucial information
During Barack Obama's presidency, 3,000 American children and teenagers were murdered by violence inflicted by their parents and caretakers --a toll equal to last Friday's gun massacre at Newtown,…
Gun nuts run amok
This past summer a young man named James Holmes bought four guns at local shops and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the Internet in the two months prior to opening up inside a movie theatre…
Lead and criminality: Is the EPA America's top crime-buster?
Why has crime, especially younger-age crime, plunged so dramatically in virtually every jurisdiction over the last 20 years regardless of its anti-crime policy or non-policy? We looked at standard…
Human Rights Day: A cause for reflection
December 10th marks the annual celebration of Human Rights Day , a special anniversary in the global fight for human rights.  On that day, in 1948, the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration…
Senior Research Fellow Randall Shelden presents at ASC Conference 2012
On November 17, 2012, CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Randall G. Shelden presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. In the session titled The Politics of…
"Crossover Youth": The Intersection of Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice
"Crossover Youth": The Intersection of Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, November 15, 2012
UC Berkeley researchers to collaborate in investigation of wrongful convictions
UC Berkeley researchers to collaborate in investigation of wrongful convictions The Daily Californian, November 8, 2012
No on Prop. 35: The wrong tool for a good cause
Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act (CASE) aims to address the increasing prevalence and public concern regarding human trafficking in California, specifically as it…
Council Turns Against Curfews
Council Turns Against Curfews Jackson Free Press, October 11, 2012
Report: Monitor's findings shed poor light on Oakland's police department
Report: Monitor's findings shed poor light on Oakland's police department Oakland Tribune, October 3, 2012

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