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Proposition 47

Most California Jurisdictions Show Declines in Property Crime During Justice Reform Era
CJCJ’s new report shows wide variations in local crime trends, with most jurisdictions reporting declines amid Public Safety Realignment, Prop 47, and Prop 57.
58 city and county departments apply for Prop 47 funding
See of a full list of public agencies that submitted applications for Prop 47 funding and read the full proposals.
New Report: Urban Crime Trends Remain Stable Through California’s Policy Reform Era (2010-2016)
CJCJ's new fact sheet finds that, despite the implementation of large-scale criminal justice reforms, California’s urban crime rates remained stable from 2010 through early 2016.
At Least 50 California Agencies May Apply for Prop 47 Funding
Prop 47 created an estimated $103 million to fund community programs that focus on mental health, drug treatment and criminal justice diversion programs.
Prop 47 Provides $103 Million for Community Programs
Prop 47 allocated state funding for community programs that support mental health, drug treatment, and rehabilitation for people involved with the justice system. Applications are due on February 21.
New Report: Declining Drug Enforcement After Proposition 47
A new report finds arrests and citations for drug possession have decreased in Los Angeles and San Diego counties after the passage of Prop 47.
New report tests to see if Prop 47 resulted in higher crime rates
CBS Monterey interviews CJCJ's Erica Webster about a new CJCJ report analyzing Proposition 47's impact on crime.
CJCJ Director awarded Juvenile Advocate of the Year, plus new Prop 47 report!
Prop 47 and Crime in 2015, CJCJ's Executive Director awarded Juvenile Advocate of the Year, and dedicated CJCJ youth mentors featured in a major news outlet.
Prop. 47: ‘Reckless experiment’ or hope for criminal justice reform?
The Los Angeles Daily News highlights CJCJ's new report which finds that Proposition 47's criminal justice reforms do not correlate with county-level crime changes in 2015.
New Report: Prop 47 and Crime in 2015
CJCJ's new report provides a comparison of county-level crime changes to jail population changes and prison releases after the passage of Prop 47.
Harnessing County Level Prop 47 Savings
Prop 47 cost savings are not being fully realized at the county level. County officials and community groups must act to ensure these savings are reinvested into community-based programs.
National Reentry Week & April News from CJCJ
CJCJ'S Direct service team reflects on National Reentry Wee , San Francisco leadership discusses Prop. 47's impact on crime, & CJCJ advocates for community opportunity at the state Senate.
Senate subcommittee votes to improve Prop. 47 funding process
The state legislature hears concerns about the unequal representation of communities most impacted by criminal justice policy.
CJCJ in the news: Crime Moves Back Down in 2016 in Davis and West Sacramento
The Davis Vanguard highlights CJCJ's recent report analyzing Prop. 47's impact on crime.
March newsletter: New Prop. 47 report, CASI updates & more!
Is Prop. 47 to Blame for California's 2015 Increase in Urban Crime?; California Sentencing Institute now includes 2013 data; CJCJ's Matt Snope presents on unemployment after incarceration.
CJCJ in the news: The Davis Vanguard highlights CJCJ's Prop. 47 report
The Davis Vanguard reviews CJCJ's new Prop. 47 report analyzing the initiatives effect on crime.
New Report! Is Proposition 47 to Blame for California's 2015 Increase in Urban Crime?
A new CJCJ report by Mike Males finds no obvious effects associated with Prop. 47 that would be expected if the reform measure had produced a consistent impact on crime.

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