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Proposition 57

Success for Homeless Youth, New Report, and More!
CJCJ helps a young man transition to sustainable housing, a new report addresses disparities in youth prosecution as adults, and Cameo House staff hosts a Thanksgiving dinner.
New Report: Youth Prosecution after Prop 57
Addressing Racial, Ethnic, and Geographic Disparities after the Repeal of Direct File
Most California Jurisdictions Show Declines in Property Crime During Justice Reform Era
CJCJ’s new report shows wide variations in local crime trends, with most jurisdictions reporting declines amid Public Safety Realignment, Prop 47, and Prop 57.
Weakening Prop 57 Reinforces Mass Incarceration
New legislation seeks to limit eligibility for Prop 57 reforms, thereby failing to address the root causes of mass incarceration and how we treat those who have committed violent crimes.
As Prop 57 goes into effect, experts debate impact on youth, prison overcrowding
UC Berkeley's Oakland North highlights CJCJ research and interviews Maureen Washburn and Erica Webster on the beneficial reforms of Prop 57.
Prop 57 Alliance Celebrates Success and Looks to the Future
The California Alliance for Youth and Community Justice, a coalition of youth justice organizations, gathered to celebrate the successful passage of Proposition 57 and to plan for the future.
Post-Prop 57, California Considers the Lasting Harm of Youth Incarceration
With Prop 57, Californians have voted to curb the treatment of youth as adults. Now we must reimagine the treatment of those who remain in the juvenile system.
New Prop 57 data tool shows "justice-by-geography" in California
Prop 57 would abolish prosecutor's ability to charge youth directly in adult court, a practice that has proven to more often impact youth of color and youth in certain counties.
Prop 57 Resource Page
An interactive map showing youth prosecuted as adults in each county, radio interviews, research reports, inforgraphics and more.
A “Yes” on Prop 57 Will End Direct File
Prop 57 strips prosecutors of the power to send youth directly to adult criminal court, returning full discretion to impartial juvenile court judges.
California legislature hears pros and cons of statewide sentencing reform
Criminal and juvenile justice reform advocates testified in support of Governor Brown's ballot initiative Proposition 57, which would roll back disastrous, pro-mass incarceration policy.

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